3M diversity and inclusion culture

Diversity & Inclusion

Here, you’ll discover an inclusive culture and have the chance to collaborate with other curious, creative minds. We work to reflect the diversity of our global customers, suppliers and channel partners, and build on each individual employee’s abilities.

At 3M, we know that inclusion is the key to unlocking the power of our diversity. An inclusive culture is one that supports and appreciates differences, and provides fair and equal opportunities for everyone. It’s a place where people realize they are respected for their whole and unique selves, and that they belong. Inclusion leads to engagement, which in turn fosters the collaboration, creativity and innovation that drive long-term growth – for 3M as well as for our people and our teams.

Diversity is the difference and inclusion is leveraging those differences.

  • 3M seeks and values difference in people

    We seek and value differences in people – in thinking, experience, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, gender, faith, personalities and styles. The different cultures, nationalities, backgrounds, insights, and physical and mental abilities of our people power our creativity and ideas, driving our company forward and keeping us relevant.

  • 3M has an inclusive environment

    We strive for an inclusive environment where employees feel safe, engaged and free to create and innovate. We want everyone at 3M to feel valued and free to bring their authentic selves to work each day.

  • 3M is engaged in local communities

    Engaging in our communities beyond 3M is an important aspect of what we do. Being involved in the communities where we work and live helps us give to others and learn from others, and fuels our passion to improve every life.