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Introducing the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System

The Next Evolution of Painting Productivity Better

  • Nearly 20 years ago, 3M invented the 3M™ PPS™ paint preparation system – the world’s first disposable paint cup system, and a revolution in painting productivity and quality that was quickly adopted by painters all over the world. Now, after thousands of hours watching and working with hundreds of painters, 3M introduces the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System.

    PPS™ Series 2.0 has been redesigned 6 ways to make painting easier, cleaner and better. A 4-point connection adds stability from the cup to the gun. A new lid locking system makes for easier cup assembly, and a domed lid helps eliminate sputter. A new hard cup is included in every PPS™ Series 2.0 Lid & Liner kit, and each cup features a clear access window for easier lid removal. A wide, flat sealing plug acts as a base for secure temporary sealing and protection of paint in the cup. It all adds up to the next evolution of the 3M™ PPS™ painting revolution. Don’t settle for anything less.

3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 – Now Six Ways Better

  • ❶ Four-Point Connection
    Wide spout PPS™ Series 2.0 Adapters feature a 4-point connection to the cup lid, increasing stability and confidence for hassle-free painting and cleaning. 3M has an adapter for all commonly used spray guns on the market.

    ❷ Quarter-Turn Lid Locking System
    Just a quick ¼-turn is all it takes to lock the PPS™ Series 2.0 Lid onto the cup for faster, more efficient assembly. There’s no need for a separate collar – when you’re finished, simply dispose of the lid and grab a new one for consistently clean painting.

    ❸ Domed Lid Design
    The PPS™ Series 2.0 Lid features a domed geometry that holds up to 3 oz of paint below the filter. Together with its built-in full-diameter filter, the lid improves flow and consistency, while reducing spitting from start to finish.

    ❹ New Cup in Every Kit
    We include a new hard cup in every PPS™ Series 2.0 Lid & Liner Kit. Start with a clean cup more often, reducing paint buildup and the time spent cleaning cups and collars. Built-in mixing ratios and fill markings eliminate the need for inserts or traditional mixing cups.

    ❺ Access Window
    Cut-out window allows you to grasp the liner through the cup, keeping it firmly in position for cleaner, easier lid removal when refilling or tinting. This window also makes it easier to quickly check paint levels.

    ❻ Larger Sealing Plug
    The PPS™ Series 2.0 Sealing Plug is designed so painters can simply fit it into the lid, turn the cup upside down and use the plug as a wide, flat, stable base for temporary sealing and protection of coatings. This method also keeps the filters wet, so you use fewer lids.

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3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System Components

  • Lid and Liner Kits
    3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Lid and Liner Kits

    Every lid comes equipped with a quarter-turn lid locking system ensuring a quick, clean seal with the cup in every application. Full diameter filters improve flow, ensure quality, and reduce spitting.

  • Image of a 3M™ PPS™ Cup
    3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Cups

    Hard (outer) cups now with mix ratios printed on the cup allow for all mixing and measuring to take place inside of the cup and liner. A built-in access window allows you to check paint level as well as hold the liner while removing the lid for quick, easy and clean refilling or tinting.

  • Image of a 3M™ Adapters
    3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Adapters

    A wide range of adapters are available for virtually every spray gun to be used with the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 spray cup system. Find the adapter that fits your gun(s) here!

  • Image of a 3M™ Spray Cup Accessory
    3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Accessories

    From spray gun holders to cup carriers to dispensers, all the products you need to set up your 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System.

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