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3M solutions for direct and indirect dental restorations

3M Solutions for Dental Procedures

Find clinically-proven solutions designed to deliver results.

When only uncompromising performance is acceptable, look to a trusted brand to perform your dental procedures with confidence. As an established leader in the dental industry, 3M has developed innovative, clinically proven dental care products used by millions of dentists across the globe.

Through the years, 3M has provided solutions that not only create ideal patient outcomes but help in areas that are crucial to a practice’s clinical success and bottom line. Also, 3M product solutions are designed to be versatile to accommodate your preferred techniques, as well as work seamlessly with other dental products in our range. This provides you with simpler, yet more reliable workflows as chances of error are markedly reduced. Having fewer steps also means much shorter procedure times – something that your patients will appreciate.

With 3M dental care solutions, a great outcome shouldn’t be a surprise. Discover our systems to success for each major dental procedure below:

  • When more than 50% of all dental restorations involve direct restorations, a trusted, efficient workflow is imperative for consistency, speed and predictable clinical outcomes. See our complete solution designed to help you achieve efficient, esthetic, and lasting outcomes using products that streamline your inventory and your procedure.

  • For a zirconia crown or bridge to just drop into place and stay cemented, many things must be done right. Discover a shorter road to success with reduced chances of error using 3M’s simplified indirect dental procedure.

  • Learn how 3M's Clinpro range of preventive care products are designed to complement your treatment protocols, providing a continuum of care for the effective prevention of tooth caries.