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3M is helping to improve lives through science.

3Mgives promotes stronger and more sustainable communities through financial investments, product donations and our most impactful resource, our people.

  • Investing our resources. Investing ourselves.

    3Mgives improves lives and builds sustainable communities through social investments and thoughtful engagement of 3Mers worldwide. 3M was one of the first companies to establish a foundation in 1953. Our commitment to the community continues today. 3M harnesses financial investments, business expertise and our people to maximize impact in 3M communities.

    3Mgives continues to support initiatives that have a real impact in communities and that provide solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges. Our investments are more impactful as a result of partnerships with organizations with a proven track record for delivering results.

    2020 Year in Review (PDF, 104 KB)

3Mgives makes a positive impact in our three focus areas.

  • 3M Gives - Education

    3Mgives supports initiatives that increase student interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and innovation to help build a diverse pipeline of future leaders.

  • 3M Gives - Community

    3Mgives enhances community vibrancy and improves lives in Indonesia through sustained and inclusive programs.

  • Environment

    3Mgives invests in programs that help foster a more sustainable world.

Building community through the time and talent of our people.

3Mers love making a difference—especially when they can apply science and innovation to change lives. We’re proud of their efforts and encourage them to improve lives in their communities.

  • 3M Global Volunteer Day

    3M Global Volunteer Day

    Every year, 3Mers in global locations come together to to improve lives as part of our annual Global Volunteer Day. And that’s just one of the ways 3Mers work to make our communities better places to live.

    2018 - Installation of clean water in Bogor, West Java

    2019 - Improving Sustainable Aquaculture and Mangrove Ecosystem in Semarang, Central Java

    2020 - Support Temporary Shelter for the medical worker by doing #3MBergerak at home and count calories as a donation