Our Commitment to Support Education in Indonesia

3M Indonesia is collaborating with the Nara Kreatif Foundation, a social entrepreneurship body that is engaged in green office-material processing and educational for foster children.

Since 2018, 21 children have benefited from the education development program from 3M Indonesia under the auspices of the Nara Kreatif Foundation. 3M Indonesia has on-going programs such as the science exploration program at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta (October 8, 2018)


  • 3M’s Science at Home program provides fun and educational science experiments for students ages 6-12.

    These simple, at-home experiments conducted by 3M scientists use common household items and are designed to reinforce core scientific principles. School systems, educators, parents, and caregivers are encouraged to use this educational content in virtual classrooms and at home.

  • Experiments

    Watch more science experiments and learn how to include them in your distance learning curriculum.

  • Follow along with 3M’s Sam Reiss, as he shows you that magnetism is more than just a simple push and pull – it’s an example of the power of the earth itself.

  • Join 3M scientist Jeff Payne as he uses nothing more than milk, dish soap, and a few other kitchen supplies to get the amazing effects of fireworks without using any fire at all.

  • Follow along with 3M’s Chief Science Advocate, Jayshree Seth, as she teaches students how chemistry can help put some air where it’s most needed!

  • How many water droplets do you think you can fit on a penny? Hint: it is more than you might think! Join 3M scientist Audrey Sherman to find out.

  • Your teacher might not love when you have one in class, but the physics behind fidget spinners are truly head-spinning! Join 3M scientist Tesha R.-Alston Dampier as she shows you how a spinning motion changes the way things move.

3M Visiting Wizard Demonstrations (Global 3M Resources)

3M Visiting Wizards help teach young students about various science concepts through fun, engaging demonstrations. These short videos can be shared in the classroom or teachers can use them as a guide to create their own in-class experiments that fit their curriculum.