Environmental Program Highlights

Boreal Forest
Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)

3M is a member of SGBC and contributes to the green building movement in Singapore.

3M has joined The Nature Conservancy in transforming how forest resources are managed in Canada's Boreal Forest. This project is a model for the sustainable supply of economically viable fiber, while also providing jobs for local communities. In addition, it helps protect natural and high conservation value forests and peatlands, along with the threatened species that depend on them, while also respecting the rights of Indigenous peoples and enhancing their role in direct management and decision-making.

Tree frog

Investing in a more sustainable world.

3M engages in environmental initiatives to make a positive impact on the Earth.

3M is a leader in sustainability and works with various partners to support the sustainability goals and needs of our customers and our communities. For more information on 3M Sustainability, visit our sustainability website .

Clean Water Installation in Situhiang

3M Indonesia built clean water installation program in Situhiang, Leuwiliang, Bogor.

3M Indonesia contributes through Improving Coastal Livelihood and Resilience through Sustainable Aquaculture and Mangrove Ecosystem program

We donated $36.000 to help increase Sustainable Aquaculture and Mangrove Ecosystem in Mangunharjo, Semarang. We also planted 1200 new mangrove seeds.