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  • 3M Water Infrastructure is dedicated to the management, protection and rehabilitation of infrastructure used for the treatment, storage or delivery of water — 3M offers coating and lining solutions for pipe internals and externals, storage tanks and treatment vessels, pumps and ancillary equipment and can provide solutions for the locating, marking and tracking of your critical buried assets.

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  • Scotchkote Pipe Renewal Liner 2400

    Potable Water Rehabilitation Products

    3M Scotchkote Pipe Renewal Liner 2400 helps protect water quality and service life in existing potable water pipes without the cost and community impacts of full pipe replacement.

    Scotchkote Liner 2400 is a quick curing polyurea formulation. A trenchless solution, it is spray applied using a spin cast method. Pipes can often be returned to service within one day.

    Coating with Scotchkote Liner 2400 can:

    • Protect water quality by removing tuberculation and inhibiting corrosion that contribute to red and brown water
    • Increase water flow by restoring and maintaining internal pipe diameter
    • Reduce water loss by helping to repair cracks, pin holes and corrosion pitting

    Scotchkote Liner 2400 is approved for contact with drinking water in countries in North America, Asia and Europe and for use on pipes between 4" (100 mm) and 48" (1220 mm) made of a variety of materials.

  • Stacked pipes with coatings and linings

    Protecting Water Pipes

    The demand for clean drinking water is increasing even as the infrastructure to deliver it ages. Scotchkote branded potable water coatings and linings from 3M help you protect your drinking water pipes and your drinking water.

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  • Water tank

    Protecting Water Tanks

    Whether in a water or sewage treatment plant, power station or refinery, in a hospital, school, factory or other public building, there is a need to protect the externals and line the internals of tanks and vessels to either protect the substrate from attack, or to maintain water quality. 3M™ Scotchkote™ liquid coatings help provide corrosion and chemical resistance and are used for tanks and vessels in contact with potable water, sea water, raw water or wastewater environments.

    Bulk storage of water needs to be within carefully considered vessels or reservoirs. Many of these hold large volumes of water, and need to have a degree of flexibility, either due to their substrate or construction. 3M Scotchkote liquid coatings are recommended for the internals and externals of tanks and storage vessels. Coating solutions provide corrosion and chemical resistance and are recommended for tanks and vessels in contact with potable water, sea water, raw water or wastewater environments.

  • Stacked pipes with epoxy coating

    Protecting Wastewater Pipes and Tanks

    Maintaining raw and wastewater asset integrity is a key requirement for cities and a necessity for public health. Whether in a sewage treatment plant or in the wastewater distribution system there is a need to protect the internals and externals of pipes, tanks, and vessels from attack. 3M Scotchkote coatings provide the necessary protection from a diverse range of wastewater and raw water conditions and offer repair solutions for your wastewater needs.

  • Equipment with epoxy coating EA5WB

    Protecting Equipment from Corrosion

    Equipment in contact with water needs to be protected from the corrosive effect of the water, plus be certified for contact with potable water where applicable. Maintaining and repairing pumps and valves with protective coatings can lead to greater operational efficiency, energy savings, reduced outage downtime and longer asset life.

  • Person holding locator toward grass

    Locating and Marking Water Utilities

    3M offers leading products for accurate locating and marking of critical buried network features. Included are sophisticated systems that allow programming of identifying features into intelligent markers using RFID technology, and interfaces with GPS/GIS systems for accurate mapping. Plus, using 3M™ Electronic Marker System (EMS) markers during construction, installation and maintenance virtually eliminates the time consuming search for hard-to-locate facilities.

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