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Light Activated Adhesive for Automotive OEM & Tier

No urethanes. No primer. No heat. A new era of bonding to glass.


Bonding components to glass post-autoclave without urethanes

  • bonded components to glass in an automobile

    Our 3M™ Structural Bonding Tape (SBT) 9550 is a 0.75 mm, white tape formulated for permanent bonding of hardware such as camera brackets, rain sensor brackets and rearview mirror buttons to automotive windshields. This primerless solution applies quickly and cleanly. It is pre-applied to generic or customer-specific hardware, making it ready to activate and install at the glass manufacturer for increased production efficiency. The tape activates to achieve structural strength when exposed to UV light. Since it eliminates urethane bonding, it also eliminates the need for metering, pumping, purging and dispensing.

The groundbreaking benefits of light-activated adhesive for automotive applications

  • activation by UV light as part of assembly process
    3M™ Structural Bonding Tape 9550 is UV activated for improved production efficiency.
    • Doesn’t require moisture or thermal cure (post-autoclave cure)
    • Helps simplify manufacturing processes at customer and reduces cycle times to increase efficiency
    • Helps reduce work-in-progress and scrap
    • Primerless application eliminates priming on hardware or glass substrates at glass tiers
    • Pressure sensitive adhesive allows component application to glass without secondary fixturing
    • Robust epoxy-based chemistry is compatible with e-coated brackets and some rigid plastic brackets with a high glass loading, and is designed for use on glass or ceramic paint (frit) applications
    • Excellent holding strength for bracket-bonding, including applications for heavier mirrors and multifunction sensors
    • Excellent image stability: reduces reflected image distortion due to road vibrations
    • 3M SBT 9550 is pre-applied to hardware and bracket assemblies
    • Packaging options are available for increased manufacturing efficiency of automated and manual processes

Recommended automotive applications

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  • Bonding to automotive glass

    Our permanent solutions include 3M™ Structural Bonding Tape 9550 for post-autoclave bonding of brackets and other hardware to automotive glass.

3M Structural Bonding Tape enables a streamlined application process

Compared to other attachment methods, our 3M Structural Bonding Tapes provide extremely efficient handling, positioning and application to clean glass surfaces. Double-sided adhesive features a light tack in its non-activated state, and after activation by UV light or heat-curing with a common heat laminator, it provides robust structural bonding performance and good resistance to environmental conditions (including heat, humidity, hot water, cold and cold shock). 3M Structural Bonding Tapes provides an excellent bond to clear glass and black ceramic frits.

  • tape attached hardware activated by UV light
  • heat curing application illustration

  • product photo of tape attached hardware

    About 3M Tape Attached Hardware for Exteriors & Glass

    3M supplies sensor brackets and other automotive components with pre-applied tape for fast, efficient hardware mounting applications throughout the vehicle. Tape is customized for the bracket design and needs, and pre-applied to hardware, eliminating process steps at the glass manufacturer. Since priming isn’t necessary for application to glass, potential quality issues associated with primer are eliminated, such as unprimed glass or brackets, wet primer and primer flow or drip.

Need help finding the right adhesive solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.