Silver sedan with black functional film solutions on the top.

Protect your design vision with 3M design and functional film solutions

Introducing 3M Design and Functional Films Solutions. Watch the video to see more.


Giving you the tools to build tomorrow and enable the future of mobility.

The durable films from 3M Design and Functional Film Solutions protect paint, replace paint, help reduce emissions, and revolutionize automotive manufacturing. Developed by 3M science and innovation. Backed by 3M technical support and training.

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Close up of PPF application area

3MTM Paint Protection Film

Protect paint on vulnerable surfaces

This film protects exposed painted surfaces from scratches, chips and stains without altering color or design features. Applications include hoods, rocker panels, wheel wells and arches, door panels and bumpers. Learn more

Close up of BF application area

3MTM Blackout Film

Replace paint in challenging areas

This OEM-approved conformable PVC film replaces paint in areas of the automotive body that are expensive or difficult to paint, including pillars, sashes, belt lines and window panels. It also helps reduce production costs. Learn more

Close up of ETF application area

3MTM Exterior Trim Film

Reduce weight and gain flexibility

An effective design tool for brand differentiation and visual impact. This cost-effective alternative to stamped stainless steel lets you minimize the use of chrome, provides greater design flexibility, and gives you weight reduction opportunities. Learn more

Close up of BCF application area

3MTM Body Contrast Film

Streamline two-tone designs

A high-performance film designed as a weather- and chemical-resistant alternative to paint, for vehicles with two-tone designs. Its self-healing properties improve scratch resistance and durability. Learn more