1. Orthodontics


About 3M Orthodontic Products and Solutions

  • Your patients trust you to architect a smile that places equal importance on lifelong oral health and aesthetics. With over 65 years of experience in orthodontia, 3M is committed to delivering custom, flexible aesthetic treatment solutions that showcase your expertise and ensure precise outcomes. Get the choice and control you need to achieve the best results for both your patients and your practice.

Male patient smiling to show aesthetic benefits of 3M orthodontic brackets for lingual braces.

Master the art and science of orthodontics.

Deliver high-quality aesthetics your patients expect all while optimising your practice.

Featured Orthodontic Products and Solutions

  • Innovative, fully-aesthetic ceramic brackets that provide treatment control and predictability from start to finish.

  • Ultra-small translucent brackets that deliver trusted strength and one of the lowest profiles in the industry.

  • APC Flash-Free Adhesive eliminates the need for flash cleanup. The result? Less mess (and fewer steps) for you, and a quicker debonding appointment for your patients.