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3M™ Clarity™ Aesthetic Orthodontic Solutions

Achieve the best outcomes for your patients and your practice with 3M Clarity aesthetic solutions for increased flexibility, choice and control.

Showcase your expertise. Enable outcomes your patients will love.

With over 65 years of experience in orthodontia, 3M offers a comprehensive range of flexible, individualised treatment solutions designed to help you grow your practice. With 3M™ Clarity™ Aesthetic Orthodontic Solutions, you can give your patients the comfortable, aesthetically pleasing products they want – and get the control you need to ensure precise, effective and predictable results.

Learn how orthodontists are growing with Clarity Aesthetic Orthodontic Solutions

  • Watch how Dr. Kanning has grown his practice through the years, with the help of 3M.
    Aesthetic Practice Profile

    Learn how Dr. Kanning's orthodontic practice uses a combination of patient experience, aesthetic appliances and technology to help his practice grow.

  • Dr. Hughes explains why he has chosen Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets and Clarity Aligners for his practice.
    Dr. Hughes' Adult Smile Center

    Dr. Hughes shares how aesthetics and his new Adult Smile Center meet the needs of the growing adult patient population.

  • Dr. Farina shares why the Clarity ADVANCED Bracket is superior to other ceramic brackets.
    Dr. Farina's practice optimisation

    Why do both patients and staff at Dr. Farina’s practice choose Clarity brackets? Because aesthetics and efficiency go hand in hand.

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  • Customised to the unique prescription of each patient, Incognito appliances make it easy to treat a wide range of patients and orthodontic case types.

  • Featured brackets that are available precoated with APC Flash Free Adhesive.
    3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive

    Powered by 3M science, APC Flash-Free adhesive—precoated brackets eliminate the need for flash clean-up. Our innovative design creates a unique adhesive bonding substrate on the base of the bracket that saves you time and enhances patient satisfaction.

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