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3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface Protein (Allergen) Test Swab ALLTEC60, 60 per case 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface Protein (Allergen) Test Swab ALLTEC60, 60 per case 3M™ Walnut Protein ELISA Kit, E96WAL, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Mollusk Protein ELISA Kit, E96MOL, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Cashew Protein ELISA Kit, E96CHW, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Hazelnut Protein Rapid Kit L25HZL, 25 tests/kit 3M™ Fish Protein ELISA Kit, E96FSH, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Egg Protein Rapid Kit L25EGG, 25 tests/kit 3M™ Pecan Protein ELISA Kit, E96PEC, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Bovine Casein Protein ELISA Kit E96CAS, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Brazil Nut Protein ELISA Kit E96BZL, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Peanut Protein ELISA Kit, E96PNT, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Almond Protein Rapid Kit L25ALM, 25 tests/kit 3M™ Soy Protein ELISA Kit, E96SOY, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Pistachio Protein ELISA Kit, E96PST, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Pine Nut Protein ELISA Kit, E96PNE, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Cashew Protein Rapid Kit L25CHW, 25 tests/kit 3M™ Pistachio Protein Rapid Kit L25PST, 25 tests/kit 3M™ Soy Protein Rapid Kit L25SOY, 25 tests/kit 3M™ Crustacean Protein ELISA Kit, E96CRU, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Macadamia Protein ELISA Kit, E96MAC, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Bovine Total Milk Protein Rapid Kit L25MLK, 25 tests/kit 3M™ Bovine Total Milk Protein ELISA Kit, E96MLK, 96 wells/kit 3M™ Egg White Protein ELISA Kit, E96EGG, 96 wells/kit
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Allergen Swab Testing by 3M

Simplify your food allergen control workflow with efficient and reliable test kits.

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