Steel fabrication safety for welding, cutting and grinding operations

Educational resources and information about the 3M welding safety equipment and grinding and cutting PPE available 

worker with welding PPE like PAPR
Check out the full spectrum of welding PPE available

Welding and grinding safety | OSHA requirements

Learn more about the respiratory and eye hazards you may be exposed to in your welding works.

The value of working with your 3M team

Not only do we develop and manufacture welding and grinding PPE, but we also offer trainings, resources, and access to our health and safety specialist. All here to help you achieve your safety needs.

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    PPE standardization

    Standardizing PPE across your workforce can help with satisfying certification considerations, selection and use regulations, as well as worksite program requirements. You may find cost savings by ordering from one source.

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    Reputable manufacturer

    Trust our PPE quality that's known for durability and reliability—made possible by our stringent development processes. Our global manufacturing footprint allows us to test, supply, and source at a local level to help comply with specific area requirements and preferences.

  • graphic of people connected representing global to local
    Global to local

    Our global team is knowledgeable about local PPE standards to help you make important decisions when it comes to complying with regulations and ordinances with an eye towards helping you fulfill cutting and grinding safety requirements, timelines, and program goals.
    Our trained specialists also stay up to date on industry best practices and trends to offer additional beneficial recommendations.

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    Health and safety specialist

    Our dedicated health and safety specialists can help you understand all the options available and what will help protect your workers from the hazards they may face.

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Our health & safety specialists are here to help you.

Welding and grinding helmet PAPR system with helmet airflow

  • image of Speedglas G5-01 welding helmet with Adflo PAPR

    Our welding helmets are developed with extensive input from welders working at high amperages who need to grind frequently or produce high-performance welds. The welding helmets we manufacture help protect eyes from welding sparks and may include an auto darkening filter with true color technology.

    Explore our welding and grinding respirator system


Hear from our customers | Recommended PPE for welding safety

Learn from welders at three different companies who used 3M Adflo PAPR with welding helmet to help improve their productivity, safety and reduce injuries

  • Welder wearing welding hood with PAPR
    Greenbrier: Benchmarking a best practice for welding safety

    Read about why Greenbrier, a leading supplier of transportation equipment and services to the railroad and marine industries, switched to an integrated 3M respiratory solution. They realized many safety and comfort benefits and chose this type of PPE because of the level of service 3M provided.

  • image of interview with FreightCar America
    Case study: Foreign body eye injury reduction best practice

    Ensuring the wellbeing of over 1,500 workers is a task FreightCar America takes seriously. So, when Environmental Health & Safety Director, Russ Lazzell, discovered that eye injuries were slightly higher than normal, he worked with the senior team to create a better health and safety culture for his workforce.

  • welder grding and wearing a welding hood with papr
    Newport News: Improving productivity by streamlining PPE

    This study demonstrated a statistically significant increase in welder productivity (as measured by weld wire applied), as well as positive welder assessments of comfort and improved weld quality. This study also yielded an opportunity to reduce the potential for eye injuries, when comparing the 3M Adflo PAPR system versus using traditional, separate welding PPE components together.

  • Image of 3M Speedglas G5-02 Welding Helmet
    Welding hood with a wide view

    When looking for the best true color, high-coverage welding helmet, choose PPE that helps protect against radiation, sparks and spatter that also offers expanded coverage options.

  • Image of 3M Rugged Comfort Quick Latch Half Mask Reusable Respirator
    Welding half mask respirator

    Compatible with a variety of NIOSH-approved 3M cartridges and filters. Features quick latch mechanism making it easy to drop down respirator from face, in a non-contaminated environment, without removing head straps.

  • Image of 3M SecureFit 500 Series Eye Wear
    Eye protection for welding and grinding sparks

    Featuring pressure diffusion temple technology to help you achieve a more personalized fit. Lenses meet the impact-rated protector requirement of ANSI-ISEA Z87.1-2020 standard. Available in a variety of lens colors and coatings.

  • Image of 3M E-A-R Flexible Fit Earplug
    No rolldown earplugs

    First earplugs of its kind, features a soft foam tip and a flexible foam-covered fitting stem that allows easy insertion into the ear canal using one or two hands.

Training your team | Health & safety information for your workplace

Find some of our most popular resources to help you train your team or for your workplace.

  • graphic of document with download icon
    Infographic head-to-toe welding safety ppe

    From head to toe, we have the PPE to keep you protected all over. This infographic will outline the variety of grinding, cutting, and welding PPE.

  • graphic of informaiton icon in a circle
    Welding hazards and PPE learning guide

    Learn all about common welding hazards, injuries and control measures you can take to help provide a safer workplace.

  • graphic of a document with warning icon
    Identifying respiratory protection hazards in welding

    This guide provides an overview of metals, welding processes and respirator protection selection.

  • graphic of play button icon
    Some hazards are easy to see, some aren't

    Watch this short video to learn more about maganese expsoure what steps you can take to help select your PPE.

Webinar: Workplace PPE safety for welding & grinding hazards

  • worker grinding metal with sparks

    This webinar will provide information on common hazards and potential health effects associated with welding and grinding activities. Primary focus will be:

    inhalation of welding fume,
    noise exposure, and
    eye exposures to airborne particles and arc radiation.