Scotch® Electrical Tapes by 3M

Welcome to our electrical tape resource center. Quick answers for busy electrical workers. Your job requires speed, efficiency and safety. A professional finish also requires wrapping skills and and having the right tapes in your toolkit. Here we share insights into electrical tape product selection, applications and training videos.

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Product Selection

Compare for yourself.

Vinyl is the right choice for abrasion protection but not as good as mastic in keeping your connections dry. Use the right tape for the right job. In harsh environments, select Scotch® Premium Electrical Premium Electrical Tapes from 3M.

    • NOTE:
      Products vary within each category. Not all products will be suitable for all of the application requirements listed.

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Applications and Environments

Put your electrical tape to work in harsh environments.

If you have a critical job or work in an extreme environment where dust, heat or contaminants are a concern; visit our Solutions page for more information on electrical installations in harsh conditions.

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Training and Pro Tips

Training for the Apprentice, Tips for the Pro

Industrial and commercial electrical applications require good technique. Anybody can tape, but to tape like a pro you need to know what your tape is capable of; whether it’s stretching rubber or molding mastic. At 3M, we use proprietary technology to manufacture tapes for excellent performance. We’re committed to sharing what we’ve learned in 70 years of innovation.

  • Vintage Black and White photo of Scotch Tape No. 33

    History of Vinyl Electrical Tape by 3M

    From tar covered cloth to the elastic Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape—and all the innovations between.

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Need Detailed Information in the Field?

View the 3M Electrical Products Catalog by downloading the app or viewing an online version.

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