Products for Facility Safety

If safety concerns are keeping you up at night, get protection that never rests – with proven solutions designed to become an integral part of the structures they protect.

Products for Facility Safety

Building in more peace-of-mind.

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Firestopping Products

Easy-to-install technologies for stopping the spread of fire, smoke and fumes in new and existing structures.

  • Sealants and spray for linear openings in or between adjacent fire rated assemblies, including floor to floor, floor to wall, head of wall, bottom of wall, and wall to wall.

  • Flexible wrap systems used to protect grease, chemical and ventilation air ducts (shaft-alternatives), plenums, structural steel and electrical circuitry.

  • Sealants, caulks, foams, putty, devices, and other products used to fill openings in walls, floors or floor/ceilings through which a penetrating item is passed.

Floor Safety Products

Solutions designed to help prevent slips and falls, contain spills, trap dirt and more.

  • Designed to provide slip-resistance in dry, wet or oily conditions. Easy to apply, durable, and long lasting.

  • Quickly and effectively clean up drips, contain large leaks and safely address hazardous spills.

  • Improve the safety and appearance of your facility by trapping dirt and debris, removing moisture and keeping floors clean.

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