• Drivers have different styles, and they all want a car that suits their tastes and drives like a dream. Create enticing interiors and eye catching exteriors with a portfolio of options from 3M.

  • From passenger cars to commercial vehicles, drivers go all out to reduce fuel consumption. 3M offers a suite of solutions that help OEMs meet their lightweighting goals – enabling increased fuel economy.

  • Price is top-of-mind for new car buyers, so cost is top on yours. Let 3M help you streamline processes, reduce components and keep costs low.

  • A quiet, smooth ride helps drivers focus and keeps passengers content. Today’s OEMs are taking comfort to the next level with the help of acoustic, tire balancing, attachment, and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) products from 3M.

  • Manage your environmental footprint and satisfy your customers’ preference for cleaner vehicles with solutions to help lower emissions, save energy and reduce waste.