Aesthetics, Styling and Personalization

  • 3M Style and Comfort

    The look of the grill, how the seats hug your body, the design of the dash. Style and comfort excite the buyer to purchase. Depend on 3M to help you create a superior vehicle that sets you apart from the competition.

Vehicle Styling and Comfort that Says, “Take Me Home”

  • Vehicle Styling and Comfort

    As long commutes become a part of daily life, drivers are demanding more from their vehicles. More comfort, more accessories and styling that feels more personalized. In fact, J.D. Powers recently reported that consumers rank vehicle comfort as one of the most important factors when choosing a car or truck. Make that purchase easier with features that:

    • Enhance your vehicle’s appeal and improve the driving experience
    • Create an interior atmosphere that speaks to their desires – luxurious, sporty or anything in between
    • Add character and style while keeping costs under control

Taped-on Trim and Accessories Customers Notice

Details make the difference. Create stylish, unique looks using taped-on trim and accessories, such as head- and tail-light covers, molding accents and ornamentation, to make your customer’s ride a personal experience.

  • Applications for 3M Automotive Adhesive Tape

Rail Caps and Covers

• Tonneau covers
• Bed rail caps

Covers and Vents

• Fuel door covers
• Side vents

Panels and Protectors

• Claddings and rocker panels
• Door sill protectors

Appliques and Trim

• B-pillar appliques
• Window sill trim
• Rear cab visors


• Door handle covers
• Mirror coverings

Door Trim and Moldings

• Step shields
• Body side moldings
• Interior lower door dust seals

Wheel Accessories

• Wheel well moldings
• Wheel/fender flares & trim

Bumper and Headlight

• Bumper moldings
• Bumper covers
• Headlight covers
• Air dams

Grill Accessories

• Grill cover
• Bug deflectors

Tail Accessories

• Tail tight covers
• Tailgate protectors
• License plate bezels
• Weatherstrip seals

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