Worker splicing power cables with 3M Cold Shrink Splices

Cable Accessories

We are proud to offer contractors a wide range of time and money saving joints and terminations to fit almost any application.


3M Cable Accessories for Terminating

  • Live-front kits to effectively terminate and connect shielded power cables.

  • Aluminum and copper compression lugs can be crimped to a variety of industry standard conductor sizes.

  • Insulated connector systems provide a quick and effective way to connect or disconnect shielded power cables.

  • Grounding connectors and accessories to provide reliable connections to the system ground.

3M Cable Accessories for Splicing

  • Speed up installation time by unwinding the inner core, shrinking the tube to create a reliable seal for power cables.

  • Connect wire and cable conductors via compression.

  • Kits for use with compression lugs to connect motor line cables to the feeder load.

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