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Find the 3M™ Respirator that delivers the protection and maintenance you need in the style you want and the comfort you need. Explore the variety of respiratory protection equipment options we offer - single-use disposable respirator, reusable respirator, powered and supplied air respirator systems and industrial SCBAs.

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How to choose your Respiratory Protection

Use our respirator selector guide to help you choose the respirator you need.

  • 3M offers a wide selection of NIOSH-approved filtering facepiece respirators for numerous work-related tasks. 3M provides a variety of innovative technologies and features – all designed to provide comfort, convenience and value.

  • 3M provides a full line of reusable respirators to meet the needs of any work environment. Half or full facepiece reusable respirators help protect against both particles and/or gases and vapors.

  • 3M powered air purifying respirators offer protection against certain respiratory hazards with integrated head, eye and face protection that can help provide a more comfortable environment for the worker.

  • 3M supplied air respirators require a source of clean Grade D breathing air such as plant air systems or bottled air. This clean, breathable air can be delivered to hoods, helmets, full facepieces, half facepieces and loose-fitting facepieces.

  • SCBA & Escape Respirator

    3M Scott is a premier manufacturer of innovative respiratory protective equipment for industrial workers; including SCBAs and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBDs).

  • For healthcare workers, we've developed respirators that are also FDA-approved for use as surgical masks. Like all N95s, they help protect against certain airborne biological particles.

  • Welding Safety

    Our innovative welding safety products enable welding performance and make the welder's job safer and more comfortable. 3M manufactures 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmets and Systems for eye, face and respiratory.

  • Our cartridges and filters were developed to help provide optimal respiratory protection in a variety of situations.

3M Respirator Select and Service Life Software

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    Our free 3M™ Select and Service Life Software can help make selecting the appropriate respirators faster and easier. Just enter contaminants and their concentrations and the software analyzes the data and profiles a record of your choices. The software can also help you estimate the service life of 3M™ Respirator Cartridges, which aid in maintaining your OSHA-required cartridge change schedule for gas and vapor cartridges.

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