industrial strength liquid adhesives, tapes and masking tapes for various industries.
Bonding Solutions for Industries

Take your designs further across industries and substrates with the strength of 3M industrial adhesives and tapes.

Optimise your assembly process, improve cost-efficiencies and create cutting-edge designs with 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes. Providing durable, invisible fastening with the capability to bond with dissimilar substrates, our range of adhesives and tapes enables you to gain freedom and flexibility in designing across industries.

Discover a 3M bonding solution that is tailored to your industry or project: 

  • General Industry

    Create innovative products and seamless solutions with efficient, adhesive bonds that match the strength of rivets and screws. 

  • Construction

    For flexibility in design and quality you can depend on, 3M’s bonding solutions provide consistent and predictable results.

  • Signage

    Make a lasting impression with high-strength adhesives and tapes that provide 'invisible' joining for a smooth finish. 

  • Metal Fabrication

    Eliminate the need for prep work and finishing. 3M bonding solutions seals and bonds in a single step.

  • Transportation

    3M bonding solutions absorb vibrations and dampen sounds created by moving vehicles for a comfortable ride. 

  • Woodworking

    Perfect the finish of your designs and deliver a high quality end-product with the invisible fastening of 3M adhesives and tapes.

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