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Metal Fabrication Solutions

See how 3M adhesives help to simplify and strengthen attachments, even for hard-to-bond metallic surfaces. 

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Outlasts mechanical fasteners, creates strong, lasting metallic bonds

Eliminate screws, welding and drilling techniques that distort metallic surfaces and place them at risk of corrosion. With 3M industrial adhesives and tapes, you can skip the tedious preparation and finishing steps and achieve exceptional strength and durability for metal to metal bonds. Only a thin layer is needed for a lasting attachment, its flexible properties allowing it to disperse stress and reduce joint fatigue. It also maintains a secure bond even when exposed to high temperatures and tough environmental conditions, delivering a smooth seamless finish without the need for polishing. 

Discover how 3M bonding and assembly solutions can best improve your metalworking process: 

Bonding and assembly requirements for common application area

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  • adhesive best for bonding metal cabinets
    Metal cabinet assemblies
    • Clean, seamless finish with invisible joints
    • High holding power that absorbs vibrations
    • Lightweight attachment that reduces load-bearing stress
  •  adhesive best for bonding metal to metal panels in elevators.
    Elevator panels
    • Stronger holding power and absorbs vibration
    • Maintains elasticity for dynamic loads and stresses
    • Invisible fastening enhances the aesthetics

Featured videos

  • How to build HVAC systems efficiently with 3M industrial adhesives
    See how 3M adhesives has helped WS Steel optimise their metal fabrication assemblies.
  • Improve speed and achieve super strength when gluing metal to metal with VHB tape.
    Improve speed and efficiency with 3M™ VHB™ Tape in your assembly process

Stick with the trusted solution

Expand your design capabilities beyond mechanical fastening  - 3M bonding solutions help you achieve improved process and cost efficiency for products that last. Contact our experts to learn how their strength and versatility can be tailored to your project. 

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