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Appliances Assembly and Repair Solutions

Appliances are now stronger, lighter, and quieter.


New designs made possible with a strong bond you can rely on

Expand the boundaries by bonding dissimilar materials seamlessly with industrial tapes and adhesives. It is versatile for any assembly type as it addresses the stress characteristics needed in the joints. Applied along the joints, it absorbs vibrational sounds of the appliance for a pleasant experience. With the convenience of a tape solution or a structural adhesive, it eliminates the tedious steps of finishing and polishing the surface.

Explore the range of 3M bonding and assembly solutions that meet even the most stringent performance requirements.

Bonding and assembly requirements for common application areas

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  • An entertainment system composed of a television and speakers
    TV – display assembly
    • Cannot copy
  • Image of a washing machine
    Washing machine – cover assembly
    • Invisible attachments for enhanced aesthetics
    • Bonds transparent lid to hard-to-bond materials with ease
    • Absorbs vibrational sounds for quieter operation
  • Close up shot of an electric stove
    Dish washing – glass panel assembly
    • Invisible, thin, and clear fastening suitable for glass overlays and touchscreens for optimal sensitivity and clarity
    • Bonds lighter materials seamless for a pleasing appearance
    • High bond strength for a lasting bond
  • Image of a printed circuit board
    Small appliances - flexible print circuit
    • Fills gaps efficiently to bond small, irregular surfaces
    • Withstands compressional and tension stress for durability
    • Provides a smooth and clean appearance

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  • Image of a washing machine
    Improve speed and efficiency of appliance assembly with 3M™ VHB™ Tapes
  • A stack of two mobile phones
    Achieve smarter designs with 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Stick with a trusted solution

Think beyond mechanical fasteners and expand your design capabilities with a range of bonding and assembly solutions that last. Get in touch with our experts to discover how its strength and versatility can be tailored for your project.