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Image of a robot arm applying adhesive to the outside rim of a square plastic frame

Automation - Level 4: Flexible Automation

The highest level of automation for a process, flexible automation is almost entirely automated, with minimal operator interaction. These systems are designed to perform more than one assembly process or to be repurposed later, and usually incorporate multi-axis systems. Employees at this level are the most difficult to find and hire, and the most expensive.

Flexible Automation Solutions for Tape Processes

  • Image of a robot arm with applicator head poised over a workpiece of variable vertical depth
    Modular Robot

    These robots have a smaller footprint and feature an axis arm for increased flexibility. The tape applicator can be relocated, and programmable options are available.

  • Image of a robot arm with applicator head holding a wide roll of level-wound tape
    Cell Robot

    These robots can complete more than one operation at a time with no worker interaction. They can handle large rolls of tape, reducing the need for change-outs. The robot can act as the tape dispenser or move the part to a stationary tape dispenser. Programmable versions are available.

Image of the 3M™ On Demand Bonding System, a workpiece on a table, robot arm and dispensing stand
A bond beyond.

Launch your manufacturing process into the future with the 3M™ On Demand Bonding System featuring 3M™ VHB™ Extrudable Tape.


Flexible Automation Solutions for Adhesive Processes

  • Graphic of a triangle mesh outline on a black background with an icon of a gearwheel at the centre

    "Collaborative robots" also called cobots, are designed to interact directly with human operators. They generally have 4-6 axes and can accommodate most part shapes and sizes.

  • Image of a robot within a workframe, poised over a flat work table

    Designed for minimal to no human interaction, fully automated robots generally have 4-6 axes and can accommodate most part shapes and sizes.

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