image of adhesive being applied

Panel Bonding for Auto Body Repair Tutorial

Standard Operating Procedure

Recommended Products and Tools

Panel Bonding Application: Step by Step

  • 1. Host Panel Preparation

    Using a grade 80 abrasive belt, remove remaining weld nugget material from host panel. Prep remaining mating flanges on host panel with a coarse Scotch-Brite™ Belt to remove all adhesive, corrosion and coatings.

Host Panel Preparation
  • 2. Replacement Panel Preparation

    Remove E-coat from replacement panel mating flange areas using Scotch-Brite™ Belt or Clean and Strip disc.

Replacement Panel Preparation
  • 3. Clean

    Clean host panel and replacement panel mating flange areas with a VOC compliant surface cleaner.

Image of cleaning with surface cleaner
  • 4. Dry Fit Panel

    Dry fit replacement panel and complete any necessary metal straightening at flanges areas. Remove panel in preparation for adhesive application.

Dry Fit Panel
  • 5. Weld-Thru Primer

    Use Scotch-Brite™ Belt to prepare metal surfaces. Clean and apply weld-thru primer to all areas requiring MIG welding.

    TIP: Do not use Weld-Thru Primer in adhesive bonding areas.

Weld-Thru Primer
  • 6. Pre-Assembly NVH Replacement

    If vehicle construction necessitates, apply NVH material or foams at original locations as required.

Pre-Assembly NVH Replacement
  • 7. Apply Bonding Adhesive

    Apply adhesive to mating flange areas on host panel and replacement panel, covering all bare metal areas. Apply an additional bead of adhesive at mating flange areas to ensure proper bond line thickness.

Apply Bonding Adhesive
  • 8. Install Replacement Panel

    Install replacement panel to host panel. Clamp in place and make required welds on rear vertical seams, cosmetic joints, or where otherwise recommended by the directions for use, or the OE manufacturer. Follow recommended adhesive clamp times.

Install Replacement Panel
  • 9. Adhesive Clean Up

    Tool excess adhesive squeeze-out from repair area prior to curing to seal the repair.

    Note: Grinding to remove excess adhesive can expose bare metal, causing corrosion.

Adhesive Clean Up
  • 10. Post-Assembly Foam Replacement

    Apply foams at original locations as required.

Post-Assembly Foam Replacement