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3M Sustainable Packaging Solutions


Helping You Meet Your Sustainability Goals

As the e-fulfillment industry continues to grow rapidly, there is increased urgency to minimize package waste that might end up in landfills or oceans. Now more than ever consumers request that brands they purchase have strong sustainability values and aggressive sustainable packaging targets. There’s no single answer, but by tapping into our 50+ technology platforms and closely collaborating with our customers, 3M is helping find solutions. Take a look at the impact that sustainable shipping materials can make on our world:

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At 3M we know that science is just science until you apply it to change the world, and we're committed to delivering a more sustainable world for all. Our ambition is to grow our business by collaborating to help solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Through partnerships and inventive products, everyone at 3M is focused on improving lives to make the world we live in a better place.

We're leveraging core technologies to develop innovative secondary and primary packaging
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  • Introducing Sustainable Packaging Technologies

    Solutions that begin and end with the earth in mind

    From packaging tapes that enable the use of highly recycled corrugate boxes to biobased packaging materials - our sustainable packaging solutions help meet consumer demand for packaging materials that help minimize the impact to our planet.

    • Flexible Primary Packaging such as closures, adhesives, and mailers
    • Conversion-ready and Secondary Packaging such as tape, labels and carry handles

Making Mailers More Sustainable

A mailer is critical to get your product to the customer intact. Your customer doesn’t want it after that… but does want options that help minimize the impact on the planet. We’ve applied 3M Science to come-up with our first, in a growing line of packaging materials that can be used in making mailers for eCommerce fulfillment, as well as many other applications that are still to be discovered.

  • Image of Scotch® Biobased Fabric Mailer Material 3520

    Scotch® Biobased Fabric Mailer Material 3520

    Scotch® Biobased Fabric Mailer Material 3520 is a durable, water-resistant, unpadded material that is printable, heat-weldable and sealable for use in bagging machines

    • 100% certified industrial compostable materials (ASTM 6400)
    • Majority bio-based materials
    • Constructed in layers for effective protection
    • Available in green

Explore Other Sustainable Packaging Solutions

  • Image of a roll of Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tape 3073
    Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tape 3073

    Designed for recycled corrugate boxes, with an adhesive that contains over 10% biobased content

  • Image of a roll of Scotch® High Tack Box Sealing Tape 371+
    Scotch® High Tack Box Sealing Tape 371+

    Specifically designed to adhere to a range of materials including boxes made of 100% recycled content

  • An economical alternative to shrink film, boxes and bags for bundling consumer products into value packs

  • Instantly transform a large or bulky item into a convenient, carry-friendly item eliminating the need for additional paper or plastic bags

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We’re bringing technologies together in new ways to serve the packaging industry.

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