Tips, Checklists, and Best Practices for Commercial Cleaning and Safety

You’re tackling a huge task – keeping your facility safe and spotless for every guest that enters. For over 70 years, we’ve used 3M science and technology to create innovative solutions for the entire spectrum of commercial cleaning and safety. As we continue to innovate, we’ll share our knowledge to help you meet your high standards.

  • During flu season, facility managers and custodial staff are the first line of defense for germ control. Explore best practices to ensure every space is properly cleaned and disinfected.

  • Infection prevention happens at a microscopic level through the cleaning and disinfecting strategies that facility managers dictate. It can feel insurmountable – no facility is 100 per cent free of germs, but there are several products and practices that inhibit the spread of germs and benefit the overall facility.

  • The chemical usage and concentrate accuracy of your dispensing systems is an area of opportunity for increased sustainability.

  • Schools are “going green” in many ways, including the way they clean. Use these product attributes as a guide when building and implementing a sustainable cleaning programme.

  • Achieve a sustainable floor care programme by first considering the surface material and desired outcome. From there, discover the products and processes that work best.

  • There’s a new battleground in the fight against infection — the floor.

  • Learn how 3M utilises its science, technology, and innovative spirit to develop a systems-based approach to daily cleaning tasks, leading to decreased labor costs and waste as well as maximising your safety and sustainability efforts.

  • Whether it’s a renovation or remodel, 3M has surface finish solutions to help streamline the processes and ensure you achieve your desired aesthetic with minimal time, disruption, and cost.

  • Don’t compromise on workplace safety. Discover cost-effective 3M solutions that can increase facility safety and security efforts even on a tight budget.

  • Sustainable practices are necessary when completing a renovation. From architectural finishes to window films, read how 3M solutions optimise resources, reduce waste, and lower utility and labour costs.

  • Renovations can disrupt your environment — and the day-to-day activity of your guests. Read how resurface solutions such as architectural finishes and window films can deliver with less downtime, dust, and noise.

  • Foodservice plays an important role in the patient and visitor experience at many healthcare facilities. It’s important to equip staff with tools that allow for a quick and efficient clean.