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Preventing Accidents. One Step at a Time.

3M floor safety solutions help meet your safety challenges to protect your people and facility in high traffic areas.

3M Floor Safety: Cleaner Floors and Safer Buildings

  • Increase floor safety in potential risk areas such as entranceways, service corridors, and bathrooms to prevent accidents before they happen. 3M has been protecting people in a wide variety of workplace environments for decades. From food scraps on a cafeteria floor to a slippery loading dock, 3M matting, sorbents, and slip-resistant tapes and treads are here to address the risk areas in your facility and provide reliable and proactive floor safety solutions.

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    Take a Walk with Safety in Mind

    Take proactive steps towards preventing slips, trips, and falls in your facility with this checklist. Comprehensive knowledge of your facility is the first step to identifying potential trouble spots. By having a sense of the environment—including where heavy traffic occurs or where hazards from the outdoors can collect—you can easily prevent accidents.

Find Your 3M Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Solution

Every facility has a personality, and even the slightest mess or distraction can leave a lasting impression. Control the outcome of your guests' experience with our facility care solutions for cleaning and safety.

Find the Right 3M Floor Safety Solution

Contact our 3M experts to learn more about our floor safety solutions, including a large selection of high-performance matting, sorbents, and slip-resistant tapes and treads.