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The care provided at your facility is critical, and so is maintaining a safe and sanitary space. Simplify your most complex maintenance tasks with innovative solutions from 3M.

3M Health Care Facility Management and Maintenance Solutions

Maintaining the efficiency, cleanliness, safety, and aesthetic appeal of your health care facility is no small task. 3M offers a broad range of innovative solutions to simplify your facility maintenance and protect patients and staff, while reducing overall costs.

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    Disinfection for Health Care Facilities

    Keeping your facility clean and safe isn’t easy but is vitally important to the health of patients, visitors, and staff. 3M provides materials, tools, and chemicals engineered to make disinfection efficient, effective, and sustainable.

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    Daily and Terminal Patient Room Cleaning

    Daily and terminal cleaning of patient rooms is a critical part of everyday operations to maintain a safe facility. 3M products work together to help you get the job done quickly, thoroughly, and up to standard.

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    Daily Health Care Floor Maintenance

    Keeping the floors clean is a top priority. Not only does a clean floor help convey trust to your patients, but it is also a key component in preventing slips, trips, and falls in your facility. 3M solutions are many—all of which aim to help you have a more effective cleaning process which can lead to a reduction in waste, chemical usage, and operational costs.

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    Scheduled Floor Maintenance (Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually)

    Preserving the appearance, safety, and longevity of facility floors can be difficult, particularly in high-traffic areas. 3M offers a variety of industry-recognised solutions to keep floors clean and shining—in the long run.

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    Sustainability for Health Care Facilities

    In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, a growing number of health care facilities are working toward more sustainable practices. 3M offers many solutions to help save energy, reduce waste, and meet your goals.

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    Branding, Wayfinding, and Experiential Design

    Conveying a brand patients and visitors trust—and a brand your staff is proud to work for—begins with first impressions. 3M branding and experiential design solutions can help bring your brand to life. From graphics to signage, your brand can be well-represented in any space.

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    Efficient Kitchen and Cafeteria Cleaning

    Foodservice plays an important role in the patient and visitor experience at many healthcare facilities. It’s important to equip staff with tools that allow for a quick and efficient clean.

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    Safety for Health Care Facilities

    Maintaining a safe and secure facility means preparing for a great number of potential hazards. 3M provides a variety of solutions to help you address risk areas and prevent accidents, ensuring the safety of your patients, visitors, and staff.

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    Facility Renovation for Health Care Facilities

    Keeping your facility up to date with minimal disruption can be a challenge. 3M offers a range of stylish solutions to renovate your space without unnecessary downtime and costly remodels.

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Achieve a more effective cleaning process in your hospital or health care facility and increase the safety of your patients and staff. Let our 3M experts help you with your cleaning needs today.