Road Markings

Visibility for drivers. Guidance for vehicles. Safer roads for everyone.

  • 3M’s retroreflective technology has raised the bar on visibility and durability in road markings for the modern world. As we strive to reach zero deaths, we will continue to evolve with changing modern technology to help keep roads safe, day or night, wet or dry.

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Benefits of High-Performing Pavement Markings

Three important characteristics for road markings.

At 3M, we are working to continuously improve and enhance technologies to deliver products that bring families home safely. Here are three key characteristics that set our pavement markings apart from the rest.

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    High Contrast

    Contrast—the difference between the road marking and the background—is a key characteristic that machine vision (optical cameras) systems associated with ADAS, LDW and Lane Centering use to identify and classify markings. Contrast markings combined with wider marking allows for detection at longer distances relative to narrower, non-contrast markings.

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    To ensure that machine visions systems will continue to accurately detect your pavement markings for years to come, they need to offer stable, persistent performance. This means they must retain their luminance, contrast, and wet retroreflectivity over time.

  • It’s critical that machine vision systems and human drivers can detect road markings in all conditions—including when it’s raining and the roads are wet. Road markings that deliver continuous wet retroreflectivity can be reliably seen in wet conditions.

Pavement Marking Tape Applications

Watch the videos below to learn more about how to apply traffic marking tape. 

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    Road Marking Specifications - The roads you want are waiting. We can help you get them.

    With the right road marking specifications, you can make a meaningful impact on the motorists that drive on your roads. Learn more about quality road markings and high-performance pavement marking applications for safer, more effective roadways.

Redefine the Line—Help Improve the Safety of Your Roads with Wet Retroreflective Pavement Marking Technology.

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    Our optics technology has raised the bar on visibility and durability for road markings. Like you, we strive to reach zero deaths, and we will continue to evolve with technology to help keep roads safe, day or night, wet or dry.

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Road Marking Products by Category

3M offers a full line of durable, high-performance road marking solutions for all types of roadway applications. They are designed to guide drivers during the day or night in dry or rainy conditions.

  • Our pavement marking tapes are designed for delineation of roadway applications, including lane and center lines, edge lines, gore markings, crosswalks, stop bars, symbols, and legends.

  • Featuring 3M™ microcrystalline ceramic beads, get true reflected colour and optimised visibility for both dry and wet roadway conditions.

  • Our class-leading raised pavement markings are designed for excellent visibility even in the most demanding traffic and weather conditions.

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