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Road Safety Solutions that Stand Out

Pave the way to safer roads with compliant road infrastructure. Are your road signs visible enough, even at night-time? Do they meet stringent road regulations? With over 80 years of commitment to reinforcing traffic safety around the world, 3M continues to deliver high-performance reflective materials that address road safety challenges, such as blackspots. Sharing your mission for safer roads, 3M's innovative solutions help every driver, passenger, and pedestrian arrive safely home.

Your ideal partner for the roads ahead

3M's road safety innovations are backed by decades of extensive research on local road usage challenges and international best practices. From the retroreflective sign sheeting to durable raised pavement markers, our products improve visibility in any road or weather condition.

We use the most advanced manufacturing and testing equipment to ensure the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of our products, all of which are backed by solid warranties. Developed to last in any weather condition, our products help government agencies and road safety engineers save on long-term costs while conforming to the highest international standards.

Additionally, 3M offers a broad spectrum of value-added services. Our 3M experts are here to guide local agencies in finding the right solutions as well as supporting them during road development.

Product Categories

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  • Enhance motorist safety with highly visible road signs especially during night-time. We offer a full range of retro reflective sheeting that meet all ASTM guidelines from Type I to Type XI.

  • Help keep drivers safe, day and night, in dry or rainy conditions with our Pavement Marking Solutions. Our products utilise high index optics, microcrystalline ceramic beads and more to keep pavement markings visible.

  • Make construction work and traffic detour zones be as visible as possible. We use high-performance retro reflective and fluorescent technologies to create materials that enhance visibility and improve safety.

  • Stick on night-time visibility that you can count on with our easy-to-install conspicuity markings. Suitable for use on trucks, trailers, and commercial vehicles such as fire trucks, school buses, and railcars.

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  • See how 3M road safety solutions have impacted the lives of drivers and pedestrians all around the world.

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