3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sheeting

  • To help ensure road safety, we must consistently and effectively provide drivers with critical information and visual cues—particularly at night. This starts with bright, highly retroreflective road signs. 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sheeting uses advanced technology to meet and exceed the requirements for ASTM Type XI sheeting, setting the standard for sign performance.

A man and woman are driving at night with the woman pointing out the window.

Why ASTM Type XI Sign Sheeting?

Sheeting that meets the ASTM Type XI standard is a highly retroreflective sheeting that uses microprismatic cube-corner elements to better reflect the headlights of newer vehicles, compared to the lower ASTM types. It provides greater luminescence for older drivers and, because it’s designed to be effective at wider angles than standard sign sheeting, it helps truck drivers see road signs at greater distances.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why it’s time to upgrade to Type XI sheeting.

  • A car’s headlights illuminate falling snow on a road at dusk.
    Low-beam Headlights Are Evolving

    Studies show that, over the years, low-beam headlights have evolved to be less glaring and deliver more light to the road. However, this means they deliver less light to overhead traffic signs and signs on the shoulders of the road. This makes sign performance more important than ever. Upgrade your traffic sign specification from Type IV high intensity prismatic sheeting to 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sheeting Type XI to compensate for the evolution of low-beam headlights.

  • Improve sign readability with 3M diamond grade DG3 reflective sheeting
    Standardised Sheeting Ensures Sign Performance

    Signs that use the same sheeting type for both the sign background and lettering provide optimised performance, deliver consistent contrast, and improve legibility by reducing haloing and glare. All of these factors add up to help your signs perform consistently and efficiently and deliver optimum retroreflectivity in a range of conditions.    

  • get brighter signs with 3M road safety solutions and maximise visibility on the roads
    Visible Signs Improve Road Safety

    According to one study, brighter sign sheeting helped reduce the number of crashes by 25-46% (over a three- to six-year period) in locations where the more reflective sheeting was installed.* Type XI sheeting is brighter, more reflective and more conspicuous than standard beaded sheeting (or…than lower grade sheeting). This helps drivers see and react to road signs sooner and with greater confidence.

    *Ripley, D., Howard R. Green Company, ITE AB04H313.

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Safety, Value, and Durability.

See why it may cost less than you think and save you money in the long run when you upgrade your signs to our 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sheeting.


  • brighter road signs are now possible with 3M retroreflective sheetings

    Positive Guidance Is No Accident in Work Zones

    Work zones, large events, and other changes to a roadway can confuse and present a danger to motorists and workers. More visible road signs with retroreflective sheeting and fluorescent colours attract the driver’s attention to recognise and respond to changes in the road.

    Learn about 3M™ Temporary Traffic Control Solutions  

  • Highway signs are highly reflective over a dark road at nighttime.
    Maximise Reflected Light

    Our full-cube retroreflective technology is more efficient and reflects more light than the conventional truncated cubes used in many Type IV and Type IX sheeting products. DG³ Reflective Sheeting uses 100% active-area retroreflectors that maximise reflected light, even on signs placed in less than optimal locations.      

  • Help drivers get the information they need to interpret their surroundings and make critical decisions when they need it most. Fabricate signs with sheeting oriented to our recommended 0-degree or 90-degree angles to consistently deliver messages more quickly, effectively, and safely.      

DG³ Sheeting Demonstration Videos

  • Fluorescent technology sign
    Fluorescent Technology Demonstration

    See how the fluorescent technology of DG³ sheeting is transformed from invisible light to visible light.

  • Stop sign visibility demonstration
    Stop Sign Visibility Demonstration

    Elevated seating positions result in a higher angle relative to headlights. In this demonstration, you'll see how elevated seating positions impact sign visibility and how higher-performing sign sheeting can help.

  • Laser light demonstration comparison
    Laser Light Demonstration

    This demonstration shows how 3M's microprismatic fluorescent sheeting can significantly improve critical sign visibility during nighttime conditions. The larger cone of retroreflection illustrates how drivers of both large and small vehicles are better served by Diamond Grade DG³ sheeting.

  • Sign Sheeting performance comparison
    Sign Sheeting Performance Comparison

    The demonstration in this video shows how 3M DG³ Reflective Sheeting compares to Engineer Grade sheeting and High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting.